Management Consulting

Corporate Strategy and Planning

Alleati partner clients to develop winning strategies in responding to opportunities and challenges arising from an ever competitive and dynamic market. This requires a comprehensive understanding of current and future business landscape, a well defined plan and disciplined execution to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

Organization Design

An organization structure is fundamental to a company’s ability to develop and execute its key strategies. Often, a well designed organisation structure loses its effectiveness due to changes over time. An ineffective organisation is characterized by too wide or narrow span of control and unnecessary layers leading to escalating cost and slower decision making. Alleati assists our clients in finding the right fit for their organizations that will lay the right foundation needed to achieve their future aspirations.

Business Transformation

Transformation for business is essentially the act of moving from good to great in establishing a platform for sustainable superior performance. Alleati helps large organizations develop and implement change programmes to inspire innovation, build capabilities and strengthen culture in realizing tangible out-performance.