What is in the name?

Alleati is defined as an alliance or partnership formed through formal agreement.

Alleati Consulting was founded in the spirit of partnership and alliances to deliver the best possible outcome for the client. Since 2009, we have partnered with clients to identify high-value opportunities and realize them through our proven approach and methodology. Our people are highly experience in consulting and business management, hence we are able to provide both strategic and tactical perspective in developing solutions. And this is our differentiator.

Our Core Values

  • Provide professional and honest advice
  • Conduct business with integrity and transparency
  • Comply with legal & regulatory requirements
  • Treat client information confidentially
  • Deliver clear and practical solutions
  • Deliver solutions driven by the clients business dynamics and objectives "No 1 size fits all"
  • Deliver solution with tangible benefits and results
  • Balance the needs of our clients, staff, business partners and the community at large

  • Respect for individuals of diverse background, race, religion and gender
  • Encourage creative ideas from collective expertise and experience
  • "Clients success is our success"
  • Partner with our clients, strategic business partners and internally to deliver the best
  • Develop long-term business alliances and relationships
Socially Responsible
  • Our solutions contribute or minimally do not negatively impact the society


v. ally, make a pact with -, join with -, league, form an alliance

adj. allied, confederate

nm. ally, member of a formal agreement